I began to look around the front office of the studio. There were plaques all over the wall. I was in disbelief, still in shock from what just happened.

The door opened from the back office and a gentleman steps out. I knew it was him instantly. I was star struck and like a little kid I asked, “Are you Ronnie King?” He told me to chill out and said, “Yeah kid I’m Ronnie King.” I said, “You have no idea man, I was just listening to that song,” as I pointed to the Jon. B. plaque. He said “No way dude, nobody listens to the 90’s anymore.” I said “I swear to God, I have it in my truck right now on a recorded cassette tape.” I walked out the door as he followed me to my truck. My dog Tahoe was going nuts in the front seat, excited as usual. I turned the key and the song starts playing. He couldn’t believe it at all. He asked, “Where you from kid?” I replied, “Oxnard.” “No way dude, Oxnard is gangsta!”

That was a very cool moment. We went inside the studio and talked for almost an hour before the audition began. I busted out my guitar and began to play a song called, Rebel In Me. The song was pretty graphic with a few curse words. He stopped me and said, “That’s cool man, but do you have any songs that are clean, we need to do radio friendly songs.” I started to play a reggae song called Brown Eyes. His eyes lit up, he turned on the keyboard and began jamming with me. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe the way my song was sounding. We rocked out.

After my 3 minutes of fame, he said I had some catchy material and he wanted to work with me. We toasted to a Coors Light and other paraphernalia, I won’t get into details.

I walked out of the office toward the parking lot and he followed. I let Tahoe out of the truck and jumped in the air. No fucking way, am I really going to work with Ronnie King? He told me to chill out and keep it gangster, lol. He said to talk with Nathan and work out the details.

I walked into Nathan’s office and he tells me to have a seat. He said, “So you want to work with Ronnie King?” I replied, “Yeah man, lets do this!” He dropped the bomb, “It’s gonna cost a $1000.” My heart sank. I had no idea how I was going to pull that off. I was making good money at the time, but with my expenses, I rarely had money left over. I honestly thought it was going to be free. I learned a major lesson that day, nothing in the music business is free.