As I look back I think of all those who I have had the opportunity to work with in the music business…

When I first moved back to Newport Beach in late 2008 for this awesome job, I remember telling my cousin Andre Renteria that I was going to get signed to a record deal. It was so good to be back. This was around the time when MySpace was still a big thing. One day I had a message in the beginning of 2009 from Drew Guirguis. Drew had found my music on MySpace randomly and thought we should get together. I had just recorded my first, produced reggae track with Richard Galiguis titled, “Undivided Attention.” Drew is a promoter and record producer in Orange County. He wanted to help get me in the music scene there and introduced me to Daniel Park of Acropolis RPM, one of the major players of the music scene. They both were pretty blown away by the music I had shown them and wanted to book me some shows.

I called Richard Galiguis and said we needed to start a band asap! Richard and I have known each other since early high school and he was into it. He got in touch with a talented musician named Patrick Logan who would become our drummer. We were an instant hit playing shows throughout Orange County and Long Beach.

We had been placed in the semi-finals for an opportunity to play Vans Warped Tour. Along with that chance, we were given free studio time at California Sound Studios in Lake Forest. We rocked the show, but we didn’t advance. There were some great bands that played, but we still had locked in the studio.

The following weekend we had a show in Huntington Beach Friday night, the studio Saturday morning and then a massive gig that evening in Downtown Long Beach. Well to sum the story up, Friday night was our last show. Miscommunication lead to the break up. 
That Saturday morning I went to the studio alone. Nobody really knew who I was because I was still fairly new on the scene, but the staff was very excited and we tracked the first song in one take. I had 3 hours of time so the Engineer Jesse Wright decided to let me keep recording. I gave it all I had and recorded 5 songs total.

I played the gig in Long Beach that night alone and opened up for the great reggae band Better Chemistry with an acoustic set. I stayed for the entire show and figured I’d have a great time. I met some very cool women and we partied hard that night. I really didn’t know what was going to happen next since the band had broken up, so I went big.

A week later I talked to Drew about everything that happened. He mentions the name Ronnie King and says I should hit him up. It doesn’t ring a bell at all. After I got off the phone, I Google the name. Boom! I read about the artists he had been involved with and was blown away. Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey,  the list goes on. I immediately contacted Nathan Wright, the CEO of California Sound Studios and said I wanted to schedule a meeting with Ronnie King.

I remember the day clearly. The weather was beautiful, I got off work early, I had my dog Tahoe with me and I was so nervous. You need to understand, you can never really prepare yourself for opportunities like these. So many thoughts were racing through my mind. What if he doesn’t like my music??? I was listening to one of my favorite songs, “Are You Still Down,” by Jon. B. and Tupac. We always turn to music to ease the soul. I pull into the studio parking lot not knowing what to expect. I walk into the front office of the studio and the first thing I notice is a Platinum Plaque for the song I was just listening to. I’m in shock. I couldn’t believe it, Ronnie King was the producer of one of my favorite songs. What are the chances of this happening?

To be continued…