Life gives you a million reasons to smile. Take advantage. This trip to the desert has been very rewarding. The difference I’ve made in people’s lives. The smiles I’ve created, memories that will last a lifetime. I tend to have that effect on people. Being a free a spirited individual has led to many great experiences. Life sometimes works out that way. You never know who you’re gonna meet.

Hold your head up high and keep on smiling. My next adventure shall take me to another world. The caliber of music we are working on right now is amazing. Soon I’ll be releasing a new record and have my smooth logo available. I’ll have shirts for sale as well. Pretty much turning everything into a business. Soon after will be the release of a major project with Grammy award winning producer Kenny O’Brien, with a music video. I wish I knew more details, but I don’t. I got the call, did my part and the rest is in God’s hands.

Then in May I begin working on a new record in Spanish. Beautiful song I got the chance to co write. If the stars align, the whole crew will be there at Abstract Studios in Glendale.

This year I have decided to take bigger steps in my career. It’s all or nothing right? We aren’t getting any younger. You can’t let your prime pass you by, especially when big opportunities are right there in front of your face. You gotta reach out for the stars, if you don’t, you wont know how far you can go. Thank you all for being apart of this amazing journey. Til next time…

Stand Tall