I have been looking forward to today for quite awhile. I’ll be off to a red carpet event at the Allure Banquet, celebrating its grand opening and raising money for the Joy Foundation. A couple of members from my team will be attending with me. It should be a great time of networking with fellow peers in the entertainment business, great food and dancing. Just glad to be able to be apart of such a wonderful event.

Sometimes I look back and think… is this all for real? Is this some sort of dream I’m living? Music…

You know I was really determined to be an attorney growing up and made the decision at U.C. Irvine that Law was definitely something I could not see myself doing. It wasn’t until a young woman broke my heart and I bought my first guitar on New Years eve at age 19. I only knew one chord and my hands weren’t used to playing guitar, but I was determined. Anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Now here were are 15 years later and this is my life. I am very blessed and I will do my best to uphold dignity for us all.

Stand Tall,

Dylan Garcia