Well sometimes motivation and focus go a long way. I teamed up with my great friend Claudia Arceo and wrote a song in Spanish. She wrote the lyrics and I wrote, composed and arranged the music. I am very proud of this song. I want to be able to cross over multiple languages and show my authenticity as a songwriter. I wrote this song for my client, recording artist, Alana Nikole who is based out of Phoenix Arizona. I have been in business talks with her mother for about the past month about doing some work for her. Everything came together and now we are here…

I love Sundays and I live for Sundays. Church, time with my family, the opportunity to catch up with friends and time to reflect on the week. Well it’s been a very fun filled and positive week. Productivity towards success is a great thing and leads to success, partially from discipline and the Law of Attraction. Whatever energy frequency your sending out to the universe, it will respond to your thoughts and actions accordingly. Life can be very rewarding when you actually work towards an actual objective. Don’t take the easy route, success is a long windy road. There are no simple rules to a great life. Just love life and keep a smile on your face. Keep dreaming those big dreams and never doubt in your abilities. Aloha Sunday

Stand Tall,

Dylan Garcia